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Controller Reps Accept Pay Offer

22 January 2013

Following a meeting of Controller reps on 18 January TSSA has written to Network Rail to accept the company's offer on pay for 2013 and 2014.

The pay awards accepted are:

1 January 2013: 3.5% (November RPI + 0.5%)

1 January 2014: RPI + 0.5%

There was no movement on any of the other issues outlined in the pay claim submitted, which you can see here.

While accepting the offer your reps indicated to Network Rail that they were extremely disappointed that the pay award had been implemented prior to acceptance. There is a gorwing feeling that the contribution of Controller Grades is undervalued by the company. While the issues within the pay claim are now closed a future meeting has been arranged to discuss other Controller-specific matters.

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