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Corbyn backs TSSA campaign to save British Transport Police

27 June 2017

TSSA’s campaign to save British Transport Police (BTP) received the support of Leader of the Oposition Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Transport Secretory Andy McDonnell.

The politicians tweeted their support last night ahead of today’s third reading of the Railway Policing Bill (Scotland) which will end 120 years of specialist railway policing In Scotland why devolving Scotland’s  270 BTP officers into Police Scotland.

TSSA and sister rail unions, ASLEF and RMT, BTP, the BTP Federation and all Scotland's passenger groups are against the Sciottish Government’s break up of BTP on the grounds of security especially at a time of heightened terror risk in which railway stations and the area surrounding them are, sadly, too often a target.

Jeremy Corbyn tweeted “In the wake of recent terror attacks now’s the time to strengthen not weaken our Transport Police”  as he added his name to our petition before sharing it on his social media outlets. Shadow Transport Secretary, Andy McDonald also retweeted the petition.

BTP Police Community Support Officer and TSSA member , Mark Renshaw, 24,  was the first emergency responder on the scene in in the aftermath of the attacks on the Manchester Evening News Arena. A BTP colleague was seriously injured after he took on one of the knife-wielding terrorists during the attack on London Bridge.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes,”It's great news that Jeremy Corbyn has given his backing to this campaign to protect an integrated BTP as a matter of our national security. The SNP's efforts to kill off BTP have made efforts to protecting to a national security issue. Again, Jeremy is showing he is the only party leader that gets the importance of proper policing.  

" BTP is a specialist service because the railways have specialist policing needs. They are a highly vulnerable terrorist targets and Jeremy is right, we now need more specialist Transport Police not less.

"They are part of the country's counter s=terrorism infrastructure, The fact that they arena the scene first in withe Manchester and London shows their  strategic importance because they are embedded in their communities.

"We honoured our member TSSA member Mark Renshaw with a special valour award for his great courage in running into danger after the attack in manchester.

"He puts the lives of others before his own. As do his colleagues. They are prepared do this on our behalf every day.

"It is nothing short of a national scandal  that Nicola Sturgeon and the the SNP are killing off British Transport Police and downgrading the security of Scotland’s railways.  And Theresa May stands deliberately and idly by because she is understood to be hatching plans  to do the same and kill BTP off in England and Wales.

"Jeremy Corbyn’s  support is timely welocme. He has already pledged Labour will restore 10,000 police jibs cut by Theresa May. If this Bill passes today, we will ask him to pledge the next Labour Government to maintaining our specialist British Transport Police  in Scotland, England and Wales as a matter of national security."

Please publicise, sign and share our petition

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