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Corbyn Has Johnson Dancing To His Tune

10 September 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has praised Jeremy Corbyn for a speech at the TUC showing "deep understanding" of the crisis facing Britain in the face of an "extremist Tory Government."

Cortes also said Johnson was now dancing to the Labour leader’s tune.

In his speech Jeremy Corbyn said Johnson “and his wealthy friends” will not bear the destructive cost of a No Deal Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn also warned that the Government were using No Deal as cover to “shift even more power and wealth to those at the top” and sell off public services.

Manuel Cortes said: “Jeremy Corbyn told it like it is – we have an extremist Government hell bent on tearing up the economy, jobs and communities in the pursuit of a No Deal Brexit, opening the door to Trump’s nightmare agenda.

“Jeremy’s speech showed a deep understanding of the crisis we face over Brexit and how we can change our country by putting power in the hands of workers.

“This unelected, anti-democratic Prime Minister is boxed in, he’s shamefully closed down Parliament and has gone from Donald Trump’s puppet on a string to dancing to Jeremy Corbyn’s tune.

“Jeremy showed again today he is the statesman speaking for the people of this country and standing up for their interests. He has millions at his back, his time is coming and we will soon have a Labour Government which will transform our country. It can’t come soon enough.”

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