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Corbyn is on the leadership ballot

13 July 2016

Labour Party NEC is announced

Welcoming the Labour party NEC's vote to allow Jeremy Corbyn to stand as leader of the Labour Party in a leadership contest, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"I am glad to see cool heads and good sense have prevailed at today's Labour Party NEC and should there now be a leadership contest that Jeremy will indeed be allowed to be on the ballot in accordance with party rules.

"Let's face it, with the Tories united behind Teresa May and our NEC now united behind Jeremy Corbyn it would be better for our members,  better for our party and most of all, better for our country, if all sides of the party now come together agree that we have more in common than that which divides us and work together to deliver a united and effective opposition to Theresa May's Tory government. 

"But if there is yet to be a leadership contest, let it be conducted in a comradely manner and we at the TSSA look forward to supporting Jeremy continue to develop and expose his positive programme for the next Labour government"

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