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Cortes Raises 'Grave Concerns' Over Greater Anglia

19 March 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has written to Greater Anglia Chief Executive, Jamie Burles (15th March) raising 'grave concerns' and requesting an urgent meeting over security and the future of booking office ticket sales.

 In a recent Retail Guidelines meeting TSSA learned of plans by Greater Anglia to restrict to online only sales of Advance Purchase Super Off Peak tickets.

TSSA believes this forms part of a wider assault on ticket booking offices and staffing levels by reducing the number of ticket sales which can be obtained directly at stations.

TSSA has also learned that Greater Anglia plan to make cuts of over 70 per cent to their use of Land Sheriffs – patrol teams who assist with health, safety and security issues on the network.

In his letter to Mr Burles, Manuel Cortes writes ‘it is with grave concerns that the TSSA has discovered about cuts. These cuts have a double detriment to both staff and to customers and do not give out a positive message of Greater Anglia’s management of the franchise.

‘As a matter of some urgency I would like to seek an early meeting to discuss the future of the business and the impact that it will have on your staff, my union members’.

The full text of Manuel Cortes’ letter -

Manuel Cortes has labelled plans by Greater Anglia to restrict access to the cheapest rail tickets a "scandalous attack on the public”, adding “restricting the cheapest tickets to online sales is intended to hit those older passengers and those with disabilities who may be digitally excluded.”

Currently there are 30 dedicated Land Sheriffs patrolling trains and stations in East Anglia.

Land Sheriffs help to keep customers safe, provide a reassuring presence and additional support to railway staff and the British Transport Police. Land Sheriffs deal with anti-social behaviour, fare evaders and enforce the railway bylaws.

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