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Cortes says name the date for talks and we'll be there to Bus √Čireann

27 March 2017

Responding to this afternoon's the statement from Bus √Čireann, following their board meeting this afternoon, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"This statement is evidence if the unedifying shenanigans being played out by Bus Éireann's directors and their government paymaster as they seek to restructure the company ahead of probable privatisation. TSSA has always said we were willing to go back to the negotiating table. We said we wanted voluntary severance. And indeed, for a brief hour two weeks ago the company did actually make voluntary severance packages available before withdrawing them saying they had had been made in error. This statement suggests voluntary severance may back on the table - that's good.

If Bus Éireann's wants to talks, let's have them but not with them pointing a gun at our heads. There can be no preconditions and Bus Eireann must withdraw proposals for unilateral changes to our members terms and conditions. Had the company negotiated last week, there would have been no costs incurred by strike action and less anxiety would have been caused to our members who have been forced into striking by a company whose idea of industrial relations is like playing a game of smoke and mirrors. Name the day for the talks and TSSA will be there."

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