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Court rules against 12 January cut-off date for Labour leadership election

8 August 2016

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, criticised Labour's decision to mount an appeal against the ruling allowing new members to vote in the leadership race and calls for the deadline to be extended to allow new trade union members to register as supporters.

He said: "This is needless waste of money that would be far better spent campaigning against the Tories. This is a victory for democracy even if it has taken a High Court judge to achieve that result."

He called on the NEC to extend today's deadline for trade union members to register for a vote by another 48-hours.

"We have nearly 1,000 new trade union members this year who are being denied a vote. They should be given another 48 hours to take part in a contest which they have paid their dues to take part in," he added.

A supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, he called on Owen Smith to stand down to avoid a divisive contest which would damage the party in the run up to its annual conference next month.

"Even at this late stage, Owen should put the interests of the party first and stand aside to allow us to send a message of unity to the British people."

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