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CP5 Cuts – Talks Update

22 November 2013

Talks between your TSSA reps and Network Rail have been continuing over the past three weeks.

 Download our newlsetter here:   CP5 Cuts Talks Update

The talks have been concentrating on finalising the processes for both those who have expressed an interest in voluntary severance (VS), and those who will be facing a re-organisation.

Your reps position is that although we believe the cuts to be dangerous and unsustainable, we want to manage the process through VS and the removal of vacancies and contractor staff, wherever possible.

In our meeting yesterday we were informed that the final figure for those who have expressed an interest in VS is 1171.

With 1120 vacancies and 652 contractor staff (as of 21 October) we believe even more strongly that Network Rail do not need to make a single member of staff compulsorily redundant!

The company have not yet shared whether they intend to pursue compulsory redundancies - your reps expect Network Rail to come to a position at the beginning of December.

The “People Process”

Talks have concentrated on a number of major issues:

· How much access displaced staff will have to jobs throughout the company on the “closed list”. Your reps want the widest access possible!

· How to give staff the earliest possible answer about their VS expression of interest while still fully consulting on the proposals

· How to manage the “backfilling” of posts where individuals want to leave on VS.

Re-organisation Proposals

Your reps are now preparing to receive consultation documents outlining the new structures which the company want to bring in.

We cannot be sure what they will look like, so your reps are seeking to speak to as many staff as possible before proposals are released, and establish a wide network of reps and contacts to enable the union to respond effectively when Network Rail release information.


You may have had notification of a workplace meeting being held in your building. Do make the effort to go along – you will get a direct update, often from reps who have been involved in the national talks and be able to find out about next steps in your own function!

How can you help?

Can you assist by being a contact and passing out information to your colleagues and gathering their views on any proposals?

Are you willing to be co-opted into a consultation to give your local knowledge and help represent your colleagues? You would be supported by experienced TSSA representatives.

Are you willing to stand as an area rep? You would be able to represent members in your area fully, and will be joining a strong group of existing area reps! Have a look here to see where we have vacancies –



If you are interested in any of these roles please contact the Members Helpdesk who will put you in touch with one of our organisers.

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