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Criminalising Trades Unions must be stopped says TSSA leader

2 November 2015

Ahead of today's TUC rally and lobby against the Tory's vindictive Trades Union Bill, TSSA rail leader Manuel Cortes said: "Like the attack on the working tax credits, this is another totally unnecessary, un-thought out assault on ordinary workers and their right to be represented collectively by their union.

"It's vindictive attacks like this that make people need trades unions in the first place.

"Even Queen Victoria's advisors saw unions as a force for good in society, of advantage to both employers and employees, which is why they were decriminalised by Royal Commission in 1867.

"Our Queen's own mother and father thought unions were important enough for them to be union members. 

"But this Tory government ignores precedent, patriotism and public feeling preferring to launch a full frontal class war on its own workers.

"It's been just seven weeks since this parliament has been sitting, but in that time we've seen Cameron and Osborne attack the poorest workers’ tax credits and say there is nothing they can do whilst our great steel industry and the jobs that go with it collapse.

"This Tory government is sticking the boot into Britons when it should be sticking up for Britain.

"Unions are about the right to fair pay, fair play and a fair society.

"The bullying Bullingdon Boys - and their cabinet wannabes - must be stopped from re-criminalising trades unions."

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