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Cross Country trains 2013 pay award

18 July 2013


Following several negotiation meetings, your staff reps have secured a 1-year pay award of 3% increase to basic salaries from 1st April, for all TSSA members covered by collective bargaining.

There were other objectives we had in our claim, including; enhanced travel facilities and additional car parking for Cannon House staff, which the Company failed to make any enhancements to.

We did ask the company to give us an assurance that staff/members who are NOT covered by collective bargaining would also receive the 3% increase, but unfortunately they would not.

We have asked Cross Country to provide us with a detailed analysis of their pay and grading structures across the business, so we can be confident that there is no discrimination taking place, and that if there are several people all doing the same jobs, they are all paid equally and fairly.

If you work within a team, all doing the same or very similar work, and you believe others within your group are paid differently, please get in touch with us.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact me or your workplace reps for a joining form and further details/information.

Any union is only as strong as its membership, so the more members there are in your workplace the stronger and more influential your union can be.

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