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Customer Services & Catering Team relocation to Derby

9 December 2010

East Midlands Trains have decided that it is no longer viable to retain both the Customer Services and Catering teams at their current office, Waterfront House Nottingham. The property is no longer fully staffed and this has resulted in the teams becoming isolated from the rest of the business.

The proposal therefore is to relocate the teams to Prospect House, Pride Park, Derby. All staff and positions will move to Derby in their current roles. The company intends to carry out the move, prior to the Christmas break.

Following consultations between the company and the TSSA, the following agreements were secured:

- Clerical Graded staff whose base location is Nottingham will receive the “Red Book” Personal Daily Travelling Allowance. They will also receive their train travel to Derby. Those staff whose original location was at Derby and currently receive the Travelling Allowance, will cease to do so after the transfer back to the Derby location.
- Appropriate staff car parking will also be provided at stations and/or Prospect House in Derby.
- The TSSA also gained agreement for staff to take a 30-min dinner break, as opposed to having to continue with variations of up to 1 hour, which was not preferable to staff as it lengthened their overall working day.
- Full “Risk Assessments” will be carried out regarding the walking routes to/from Derby station to Prospect House on Pride park, and also the new office layout/P.C. work stations etc.

The 1-2-1 consultations

Further areas of agreement centred on the 1-2-1 consultations with staff in terms of their own personal circumstances. This includes, getting to and from work, such as, train times etc. The company agreed to be as flexible as possible in this respect.

Thanks to Martin McBride for his assistance, in acting as TSSA co-opted Rep in this consultative process, and the value he has added, on behalf of his TSSA colleagues affected by this move.

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