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DB Cargo - Company Council Staff Reps

10 February 2020

Following the deadline of Friday 31st January 2020 for nominations for Company Council covering members in both TS grades and Ground Staff grades, I can confirm that the following members have been duly elected::

TS Grades

· Mark Smith – based at Doncaster

· Kevin Summerill – based at Doncaster

· David Sumner – based at Doncaster

Ground Staff

· Phil Griffiths – Wales Hub

· Mark Frost – Kent Hub

· Jamie Clarke – South Yorkshire Hub

All reps will serve a three-year term backdated to 1st October 2019.

Your reps will be your voice at Company level meetings such as Pay, Consultations, redundancies, Negotiations, Changes to Policies and T&Cs, and any other issues that affect you and your roles.

Company Council reps can only represent you if you work with them and give them all your support and assistance. Your reps will work hard and strive to ensure your working conditions are the best they can be.

TSSA remains hopeful that the new Collective Bargaining Agreements for both Ground Staff and TS / RTS grades will be signed off soon, so they are fit for purpose going forwards, however, they will not change the number of reps we have confirmed above.


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