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DB Cargo Consultation update

26 October 2016

TSSA has entered into formal consultation with DB Cargo on their re-structuring and redundancy proposals. As you will be aware due to the Company’s finances, they have informed us that a major re-structuring of the business needs to take place in order to secure the future of DB Cargo UK.

The Company’s aim is to make significant cost savings, and unfortunately that will mean job losses. We have been told that every part of the business will be affected as all areas/departments need to make cost savings. The headline figure of potential job losses is 893. However, both TSSA and DB Cargo are committed to working together to minimise this number of job losses.

Due the complexities and the size of the Company’s re-structuring proposals, it is necessary to split the consultation into “bite-size” pieces. This will ensure we can focus on each of the grade groups in turn, as changes in one area could affect proposals elsewhere. At each stage of the consultation we shall ensure members are communicated with.

What’s happening now:

Firstly we are dealing with TS4 and TS5 grades/roles. The areas/main topics being consulted on for these grades include: introduction of two new grades, the job descriptions for those roles, travelling (including company vehicles), lodging, salaries, closure of several depots, introduction of hubs (geographical), changes to T&Cs of employment, displacement of staff, selection for new roles, headcount reduction, and union collective bargaining. As you can see, this will be an extremely time consuming process, which will require your input. Please do not underestimate the sheer scale of this consultation. It will not be easy and there will be some hard decisions to make. But as TSSA members YOU will have direct input and have a say on changes that will affect you.


The minimum timescale of this consultation is 45 days, however, both the Company and the unions have agreed it will take a lot longer than that. To allow meaningful consultation to progress, there are numerous pieces of information the Company has yet to produce, and there are also lots of questions they are still to answer. As I have already said, this is a huge piece of work which has with it numerous challenges. I know it is a worrying and frustrating time for you all, and you are seeking answers form us, but at the moment we have only just begun this process. We are still agreeing the main principals of consultation.


We have asked for a “no-compulsory redundancy” guarantee, and whilst the Company has refused to agree to this, they have however agreed that where possible they will seek volunteers in the first instance. Therefore voluntary redundancy expressions of interest will open on 7th November. If anyone is interested in this option you can show your interest and request your individual calculation for redundancy, you do NOT have to agree to this at this stage. Redundancy will be paid in line with your contractual entitlement plus the Company will be using their redundancy matrix which will give an enhanced payment.

What happens next:

There will be two more days of consultation next week, Wednesday 2nd November and Friday 4th November. These consultation meetings will continue to focus on TS4 and TS5 grades. We are awaiting more information from the Company which will progress this area. We are also hoping to begin principal discussions on Technical and Clerical grades too at these next meetings.

We have received numerous questions from members which we shall answer once we are in a position to give the right and correct answers. There is no point in speculating or giving a false impression as that will only frustrate you more in the long run. Please be assured that TSSA is working extremely hard for you. Our main objectives throughout this consultation will be to save as many jobs as possible, plus, ensure those remaining in employment with DBC do so with favourable T&Cs of employment.

The Organiser shall aim to issue another circular after next Friday’s consultation meeting.

If you know of a colleague who is not a TSSA member, then please tell them now is the time to join! Membership forms can be obtained from your staff reps or you can join on line at

If you require any further information or you have questions you wish your staff reps to raise with Management at the consultation meetings, please contact your staff reps, but remember, they may not be able to answer your queries straight away:

Doncaster - Mark Smith - 07557494238
East - Nigel Foote (based at Immingham) - 07501010176
West & Scotland – John Fairbrother – 07799336183
South – Barry Chilmaid – 07799336223
Wales & South West – Phil Griffiths - 07776202181

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