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DB Cargo European Works Council - Nominations

18 July 2018

European Works Councils (EWC) are bodies representing the European employees of a company. Through them, workers are informed and consulted by management on the progress of the business and any significant decision at European level that could affect their employment or working conditions.

DB Cargo UK has one seat on this council (EWC) and therefore any member of staff can apply for that position. Because this position is open to all DBC UK employees, they will represent all DB Cargo employees regardless of union membership and grade. It will be that person’s responsibility to attend the EWC meetings, which will be in Germany, share the agenda with all staff before the meetings and ask for staffs’ questions etc to be put forward to the EWC, and most importantly they must report back from the meeting to all members in a timely manner.

As there is only one seat, if there is more than one nomination (from all DBC employees) then DB Cargo will have to hold an election process to determine who will become the EWC representative. This will be done by way of an internal ballot/vote which will be run by DB Cargo and all employees will have a vote. The term of office for this position is three-years.

If you are interested in this position you need to complete and return to me your nomination form. Nomination forms are available by emailing me at or calling: 07799037178

Closing date to receive nomination forms is: 3rd August 2018

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