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1 May 2018

Pay, Terminals, Pensions

TSSA submitted pay claims for Ground Staff, Technical & Clerical staff and RTS/RTO (Terminal) members well in advance of the pay anniversary date 1st April. Despite DB Cargo giving us a firm assurance last year that pay discussions would start in advance of the anniversary date they have failed to keep to their promise!

I have written to CEO, Hans-Georg today asking for a meeting to take place asap. There is no excuse for DB Cargo not to have started pay negotiations, after all they have known about them for a whole year, the date never changes. Once we have news on this we shall of course let you know. However, you need to start thinking about what an acceptable pay offer would be, bearing in mind you haven’t had an increase for the last three years. More importantly though, you need to seriously consider what you will be prepared to do if the Company’s offer falls short of your aspirations. Your staff reps will be negotiating on behalf of all members, the more members we have the more influence and power we have. If you know of anyone that isn’t a member get them to join.

This re-organisation has now fully concluded. All RTS/RO staff will now receive the same T&Cs as DB Cargo staff. This includes: annual leave, sick pay, re-location benefits, family friendly policies, Discipline & Grievance procedures. Contracts will still be headed as RTS/Terminals, but the content will mirror that of a DB Cargo contract. This is great news for our members in this area who have had for several years far less favourable conditions.

New roles and titles have been agreed with new rates of pay for Terminal staff, and implementation of the new structure will be taking place imminently. If you have any queries about the new roles etc, please contact your staff reps.
Barking – will be dealt with separately as staffing numbers are to decrease here due to the down turn in business. This is still on going and no final decisions have been made yet. Again, any members with queries should contact their staff reps.

DB Cargo’s section of the Railway Pension Scheme (RPS) is in deficit. As most of you are aware, there are significant issues with the RPS and discussions between the Trade unions and the Company are on-going. The issue is an extremely complex one with difficult decisions having to be considered by both sides. If you are an RPS member TSSA shall be holding meetings at key locations across the country to discuss and explain the pension situation. Look out for further information on venues and dates for these meetings around the end of May/early June.

Junior Drivers
DB Cargo went ahead and did a deal with ASLEF on the introduction of Junior drivers, this is despite the fact it made more business sense for them to do a deal with TSSA & RMT!

TSSA has now secured a written guarantee that Junior Drivers will NOT undertake any Ground Staff duties and/or tasks. Also, if any Ground Staff member applies and is successful in being appointed to one of these roles, they will only take up that position once the Ground Staff role they occupied has been back-filled.

If you know of someone that is not a TSSA member, ask them to join. The more members we have the more power and influence we have. You can join online at:

If you have any questions, please contact your staff reps directly.

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