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DB Cargo: News and Updates

8 November 2017

TSSA met with senior Management including CEO, Hans-Georg, earlier this week. At the meeting we were given a business update by Andrea Rossi, Finance Director. We were told that there is still a long way to go in terms of turning the business around to be profitable once more, but overall the future looks promising and DBC confirmed that they are committed to the future of DB Cargo UK.

All the hard work, changes and sacrifices you have made from the recent re-organisation are now delivering the efficiencies they set out to. Senior Management and most importantly, Hans-Georg, acknowledged that things could have been handled and dealt with a lot better than what they were, and that lessons have been learnt. Hans-Georg also committed to working with the trade unions more closely to ensure the continuing success of the business and that you through TSSA have a voice that will be heard at future meetings.

Doncaster Members meeting – There will be a union meeting on 28th November 2017 between 1100 – 1200 at Lakeside for all TS members to attend. Myself and the reps will be on-site between 1030-1530 for any member who wants to speak to us regarding any issues or concerns they may have. Primarily the meeting will focus on TS issues such as, pay, workloads, working hours etc. If any of our manager members or Ground staff would like to come along, then you are more than welcome. This is also an opportunity for you to ask us questions, seek clarification and most importantly put your views and ideas forward on what you would like to see in your pay claim next year.

Yard Drivers – TSSA and RMT have agreed to a trial only of Yard drivers at Peak Forest. Training of volunteers to carry out this trial will commence on 13th November 2017 for four-weeks. Immediately after the training has concluded there will then be a four-week trial. Formal consultation on the proposed introduction of yard drivers will commence on 5th December 2017. Your staff rep Jamie Bridgett and your H&S rep, John O’Shea will over-see the trial and training. So, if you have any concerns please ensure you advise your reps.

Terminals Consultation – DBC promised us that a precis document for formal consultation on Terminals would be available by the end of October. This did not happen. We are frustrated as I’m sure you are, as this has been outstanding for a considerable length of time. I have now been assured by your CEO, Hans-Georg, that he will personally look into this and ensure we have this document within the next seven-days. Once we have the precis document, we shall visit those Terminals where we have members to share with you the details of the changes the Company are proposing. We shall need your views and comments and any counter proposals from you to then take back to the formal meeting, which your local reps will be invited to attend to ensure you are all represented.

Your union is only as strong as its members. If you know of a colleague who has not yet joined TSSA, encourage them to do so. You can join on-line here.

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