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DB Cargo pay dispute - members to be balloted

24 August 2018

Your staff reps walked out of the pay meeting today and declared a dispute situation following the derisory pay offer Senior Management made for TS grade staff and Ground staff. Since the last pay meeting where Management offered just a 1.5% increase to basic salaries only, so not applicable to any allowances etc, and were not even prepared to back-date to your anniversary date of 1st April, they failed yet again today to make any significant improvement.

We told DB Cargo at the last meeting what our members aspirations were and that we would certainly not settle for any less than what other grade groups had secured.

Today they have offered another derisory, insulting pay offer of just 1.8%, to be applied from 1st July 2018 – 1st April 2019, so not even a 12-month deal (this equates to about 1.5% is it was over the 12 months), again this is NOT applicable to any allowances. This is an absolute disgrace.

Shareholders have been paid, Senior Managers have been paid their bonuses, but you, their staff, who ensure day in day out that there continues to be a business are only worth 1.8% over 9-months!

We reminded DB Cargo Board of the promise they made to you in that they would treat ALL their employees the same and offer the same pay award to all, this now seems not to be case. ASLEF have been awarded a reduction to their working week to 32-hours along with an increase. UNITE have agreed a three-year deal from 1st January 2018 equating to around 13% over three years! So, it would appear DB Cargo do not believe you are all equal worth and value to the business as they have offered different deals to different staff.

You have gone without any real pay increase for three-years, this is the time to say enough is enough. You now need to demand equal treatment and be awarded for the hard work, dedication and loyalty you have given to the Company over the last three years or so.

We asked the company if this was there full and final offer, they said this was their current offer. We cannot and will not be drip fed dismal amounts and allow the company to drag this on any longer.

TSSA will be seeking authority to ballot all members who are TS and Ground Staff grades along with our sister trade union RMT. The ballot will be for strike action and action short of a strike. If you know of anyone who is not currently a member, ask them to join to make your position even stronger.

We believe we have no choice but to ballot you for industrial
action. You need to send a very clear message to DB Cargo of the strength of feeling from you on this matter. You have the power to make the Company sit up and listen. You have the power to influence further negotiations. It is vital that we achieve a high turn out on a ballot for Strike action and action short of a strike if you are to influence a better deal.

Further details on the ballot will be issued in due course. Please speak to your staff reps for further information.

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