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DB Cargo - Pay Increase and Arrears

20 March 2019

Most members covered by TSSA collective bargaining should now of received the 2.5% increase to their basic salaries and all allowances which is to be back-dated to 1st April 2018. We are aware that there are groups of staff/members who have not received this increase.

DB Cargo did not pay some TS staff who have been “salary protected” under recent re-organisations. This means staff who earn above the salary given for their role. Although these staff are “salary protected”, there is no agreement to say that these staff will NOT receive future pay increases, which DB Cargo believed existed and would therefore exclude them from further pay increases.

As there is no agreement with TSSA to “freeze” TS salaries, the Company must pay you, otherwise you would potentially have an unlawful deduction from wages legal claim against them. HR have now confirmed that most TS staff affected will receive their increase and pay arrears tomorrow (Tuesday 19th March), however, there will still be a handful of staff (Terminal TS staff) who will receive theirs slightly later, because DB Cargo had completely missed you off the pay cycle!

It is your responsibility to ensure that the 2.5% has been applied to your salary and your back pay is correct according to your own circumstances. If you believe that you have not been paid correctly with regards to previous over-time worked between 1st April 2018 and to date, you must contact pay-roll directly.

Ground staff members who were previously TS5’s but now occupy a Mobile Operator role are also “salary protected”. However, this grade does have an agreement to “freeze salary’s”. During the re-organisation the role of Mobile Operator and Operations Supervisor were introduced, and an agreement was made between TSSA and DB Cargo that any TS5 ground staff member who became a Mobile Operator would not lose money and drop to a Mobile Operator rate of pay, which was around £1600 at the time. Obviously TSSA had to protect our members so they did not lose huge amounts of money and so the agreement reached under consultation was that those staff whose salary was higher than the Mobile Operator rate of pay would have their personal salary “frozen” until the salary for the grade of Mobile Operator caught-up.

There has been some confusion over the latest pay award and how that is or isn’t applied to this grade of staff. DB Cargo did say that the 2.5% increase was

for “all staff covered by collective bargaining”. However, the agreement of “salary protection” still exists, and this works both ways. If DB Cargo were to apply the 2.5% to the salaries of those protected staff (previous TS5 staff) who are now Mobile Operators, then this would break the agreement we have and would therefore not protect the staff who are Mobile Operators but not on a protected salary. The sensible way forward to ensure all parties are treated fairly would be to pay the former TS5 staff (now Mobile Operators) a one-off payment equivalent to the agreed 2.5%, to ensure the pay gap closes slightly between the protected and non-protected staff in that affected role.

Let me be clear, DB Cargo have caused this issue and unrest NOT TSSA. I am aware of a previous circular that confirmed the Company’s position of “2.5% for all staff”, which of course is a mistake. TSSA protected former TS5 ground staff grades as DB Cargo wanted them to take a £1600 pay cut at the time of becoming a Mobile Operator. However, we cannot now just ignore the agreement that exists, which is why I have asked DB Cargo to pay a one-off payment to those former TS5 members. A collective grievance has now been raised to deal with this issue.


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