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DB Cargo: Pay Update

28 June 2018

After months of waiting DB Cargo have finally agreed a date to meet with your representatives to begin pay negotiations. The Company has been trying to secure a date, so they can meet with all four of the recognised trade unions for this year's pay, however due to diary commitments etc. this has not been possible.

Monday 23rd July your representatives will meet with Senior Management to begin negotiations on this year’s pay award. There will be two separate meetings, one for TS grades and Terminals, the other for Ground Staff. DB Cargo have assured us that they do acknowledge that ALL their employees bring value and equal worth to the business and have assured us that therefore all staff/grades will be offered the same pay award this year! Whilst we welcome fairness across the board we shall of course have to wait and see what the offer is. DB Cargo must also recognise that you have not had a pay rise for the last three-years, where as other grades have.

Your negotiating team (staff reps and myself) will seek the best possible deal we can through negotiations but ultimately it will be up to you on whether you accept the offer.

Whilst we all know that DBC has had a troubled few years, they have still managed to pay bonuses and pay their shareholders, so things are not that bad. It also needs to be recognised that if it weren’t for you making DBC a success by being loyal and dedicated, they wouldn’t be able to function.

Once we have a full and final offer from the company we shall put this out on a referendum ballot, ONLY TSSA members shall have a vote, so if you know anyone who is not currently a member ask them to join so if we need to reject the offer we do so in a strong position.

Remember: this is YOUR pay, YOU deserve a decent pay rise, only YOU can decide if what the Company offers is acceptable.

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