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DB Cargo Redundancies

26 February 2019

The first stages of formal consultation have taken place on the closure of Southampton due to the business operations ceasing. DB Cargo have confirmed that there are no other alternatives to save the operations here or the staff based here. DB Cargo have confirmed there are 7 permanent staff affected by this closure. Therefore all staff based at Southampton will be put “At Risk” of redundancy until the formal consultation has concluded. The date proposed for closure is 1st April 2019.

The main purpose of this consultation is to mitigate, where possible and practicable, against compulsory redundancies. During this period any vacant TS5 roles will be offered in the first instance to TS5 staff placed at risk, as this is your current grade. If alternative roles are available but are at a different location, staff will be eligible for the company’s relocation package. Any affected staff member can also apply for any other vacant roles within DB Cargo, but if they are not TS5 roles, you will be subject to the company’s internal interview process.

TSSA have asked DB Cargo to consider offering an enhanced redundancy package to staff affected and we await their response.

DB Cargo have agreed to paid release for staff who may need to attend interviews at other Companies whilst they are at risk. They will also provide support to staff on CV writing and interview skills. DB Cargo have agreed to explore with Maritime Transport and any other freight companies in Southampton, any job vacancies they may have that could then be made available to you.

The next meeting is scheduled for 28th February. Please speak to your staff reps if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We shall issue an update after this next meeting.

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