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DB Cargo - RTS/Terminal Grades 2019 Pay Deal

12 June 2019

Your staff reps have received a full and final offer from the Company in respect of your 2019 Pay award. As you may be aware all other grades that TSSA represent changed their pay anniversary date as part of their pay deal last year. This was to streamline all pay anniversary dates across the business to a 1st July anniversary date.

TS grades and Ground Staff therefore had a 15-month pay deal last year to bring them into line with a 1st July 2019 pay date. DB Cargo now want to align your pay anniversary date, which would mean you going from 1st April 2019 to 1st July 2020 pay date.

This change will ensure your pay negotiations align with all other grades and the 2020 pay award will be negotiated along with the other grades we represent. This will ensure that you become part of a wider negotiating body.

The pay award is:

· A 15-month deal from 1st April 2019 until 30th June 2020

· 2.6% increase to basic salaries and all allowances (subject to pension capping)

This is the best deal that could be achieved via negotiations. We do not believe it is in your best interests to be balloted over this offer nor do I believe there is an appetite from RTS members to take any industrial action with regards to this offer.

Therefore, this pay award has been accepted by your negotiating team.

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