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DB Cargo: Terminals Review Update - RTS/RO Members

19 December 2017

DB Cargo management produced a precis document in early November on what they called "a review of Terminals". That document did NOT contain a fair and comprehensive review of Terminals for its RTS/RO staff as promised, instead all it contained was "new role names". There was no mention of harmonisation for RTS/RO staff for their T&Cs, contracts and salaries. We have waited a long time for a comprehensive review, which we were promised would deliver improvements for our Terminal members. What the company produced fell a long way short of our aspirations. For these reasons we threw the precis back at management as it represented nothing but "a smack in the face" for all Terminal staff. We then demanded that DB Cargo management go back and re-think their position for Terminals and RTS/RO staff and come back to us with a meaningful consultation document otherwise we would be in dispute!

A few weeks ago, I received a call from your CEO, Hans-Georg Werner, asking me to meet with him to discuss and agree a way forward for Terminal staff. I made our position very clear in that we wanted parity for RTS/RO contracted staff to match that of DB Cargo staff on T&Cs such as, redundancy rights, sick pay, annual leave and family friendly policies. Salaries would also need to be aligned where RTS/RO staff were doing the same role as DBC staff.

Hans-Georg agreed that Terminal staff do need a full review of their T&Cs etc and he will now put together a comprehensive consultation document that will cover our goals and aims for RTS/RO staff. A formal consultation will now take place w/c 8th January 2018.

To ensure this process is successful and that all members have a voice and are heard at the meeting, each Terminal must put forward their own local rep/spokesperson. Please email Tracy Wines, full time officer, to advise who this shall be.

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