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DB Cargo: Terminals Update: RTS/RO Members

2 October 2017

Further to my previous circular no. 169 issued on 18th September 2017, I confirmed what DB Cargo had advised TSSA in that a precis for consultation would be ready by the end of September. DB Cargo's Neil Ethel, who is leading on this has since confirmed that due to the complexities involved, the precis will not now be ready until the end of October, but he has given his word this will be at the latest. DB Cargo have issued a statement to this effect to you all as well.

The complexities they refer to are no doubt to do with the different T&Cs that exist within the Terminals. The Company are aiming for a “one-size” fits all outcome, as they want all Terminal staff to be on one set of T&Cs, one contract and one salary. This of course will mean there are winners and losers.

It is TSSA’s job to ensure all our members best interests are considered and we will fight to make sure you are treated fairly and no less favourable than the others grades we represent in terms of contracts and T&Cs.

Each Terminal needs a local rep/spokesperson to be a point of contact for me through-out this process so I can relay information quickly to you all, as I cannot email and contact lots of different members in lots of different Terminals. Each local rep/spokesperson will be invited to attend the consultation along with myself to ensure your workplace and colleagues have a voice at the top table. Your release will be with full pay and it will be up to the Company to cover your release.

Only TSSA will be consulting and negotiating for Terminal staff, no other trade union has collective bargaining rights for you. Only TSSA members will be involved in these consultations and most importantly ONLY TSSA members will get to vote on whether they accept any changes.

Please speak to your colleagues and encourage them to join if they haven’t already. The more members we have the more influence we have when negotiating.

To join on-line click here or contact for a joining form.

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