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DB Cargo TS Grades Consultation Update

5 February 2020

Formal consultation began yesterday between DB Cargo and TSSA with regards to the Company's proposed changes within certain TS grade functions.

The purpose of the meeting was for the Company to talk your reps through their proposals and explain their rationale for proposing job cuts, which mainly consisted of a down-turn in workload / trains per week. The proposals are to streamline workloads and share between functions to create efficiencies and cost savings.

Your staff reps were quick to highlight certain roles where we believe the proposed job cuts are too severe and would create unreasonable and unrealistic workloads for members, plus would potentially put the business at risk. This is mainly within the Planning & Diagramming function. We also raised several concerns with regards to their proposals for the CSR’s as this work is to be combined with the Planning and Diagramming.

TSSA asked the Company to commit to No compulsory redundancies, but the Company would not commit to this. However, it has been accepted that VR (Voluntary redundancy) will be made available only to those groups of staff /roles which are affected by the proposed changes.

DB Cargo confirmed that their proposal is to make 15.5 roles redundant, however this is subject to consultation.

TSSA does not believe that a proper capacity analysis has been carried out for the affected roles where there is to be a reduction in posts or a complete withdrawal of posts.

Over the next few days your staff reps will be compiling a list of your questions and concerns to put to the Company before the next formal meeting which is next Thursday 6th February. These will include the questions and concerns members raised at our meeting earlier this week.

For those members who have taken the proposed job descriptions, please let your staff reps have the information we discussed at the members meeting before next Thursday.

We are at the very early stages of consultation, so no decisions have been made about who is safe, which jobs are safe nor have there been any discussions about the selection criteria process, this will all take place once we have exhausted all arguments to save jobs.

Once we have answers to your questions, we shall of course share these with you.

There is another member’s meeting next Wednesday between 11-1pm at Lakeside. Please come along and talk to us about the proposals. I would strongly advise you to also make counter proposals of your own that we can take and along to the next meeting and present to the Company on your behalf. You do the jobs, so only you know what can be achieved and what is reasonable, and if you don’t come along and tell us, we won’t know!

Just a reminder, your staff reps are:
Mark Smith – 07787438223
Kevin Summerill – 07919547287
David Sumner – 07828519253
Peter Holmes - 07528173618

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