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DB Cargo - TS & Ground Staff Grades 2019 Pay

14 May 2019

Your negotiating team submitted two pay claims to DB Cargo Senior Management team, one for TS Grades and the other for Ground Staff. These pay claims were done by your staff reps on your behalf. The main points of those pay claims are; a substantial pay increase, introduction and enhancement of overtime and Sunday working payments, reduction to the working week, enhancements to family friendly policies and to ensure fair and equal pay across the workforce.

DB Cargo have responded, in part, to your pay claim. Although an initial pay offer has been made by the Company, we are still waiting for a formal pay meeting where your staff reps can go through each part of your claim and seek answers/feedback from the Company.

Your pay anniversary date is 1st July 2019 and we are hopeful that a formal meeting will take place within the next few weeks. Once we have a full and final offer from the Company, we shall of course share this with you. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, TSSA wants and needs to ensure that any pay offer is not lower than that of what other grade groups are offered, and we shall be seeking a formal commitment to this effect.

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