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Dublin Bus: Labour Court Recommendation

30 July 2013

TSSA along with the other unions received a letter from the company stating that they intend to implement the Labour Court recommendation. This is ignoring the fact that our clerical and engineering supervisor members have voted to reject them.


We are calling an urgent meeting with your reps to discuss what action we need to take to deal with this issue and we will inform all members shortly. Below for your information is the content of the letter sent to the unions.

Re: Labour Court recommendation LCR 20544


Dear Sir’s,

I refer to the above and to your correspondence advising the Company that the Labour Court recommendation LCR 20544 has been rejected by the staff. Given the current serious financial position of the Company, this decision is regrettable.

As you are aware, discussions have been on-going for over twelve months in an effort to reach agreement on the company’s cost reduction plan. The implementation of this Cost Reduction Plan is critical in order to achieve €11.7 million in savings and return the Company to financial stability.

As agreement has not been reached, the Company must now take appropriate action to urgently address the on-going losses.

In this regard, the Company has no alternative but to implement the Labour Court recommendation LCR 20544 with effect from 4 August 2013.

I trust the above clarifies our position.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Donohue

Head of Human Resources & Development


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