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Dublin Bus Pay talks at Workplace Relations Commission

6 January 2016

Just Prior to the Christmas break TSSA along with the other trade unions meet with Dublin Bus under the auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission.


This meeting was held to discuss the issue of Pay. We are all aware that Dublin Bus have not honoured commitments given as part of the Towards 2016 Ten-Year Framework Social Partnership Agreement 2006-2015 which provided for pay rises for our members. The last commitment overlooked was a 6% pay rise in 2009. Instead members have forgone pay and other terms and conditions as part of cost containment agreements at the height of the economic crash

As a starting point our position has been that Dublin need to honour the outstanding commitments around pay and further engage in with the TSSA in genuine and meaningful negotiations.

Dublin Bus responded by rejecting any honouring of past commitments on pay. We were disappointed in the response from the company at the Workplace Relations Commission. In light of the position the company took the meeting was adjourned. Along with the other trade unions it was decided that further talks with the company at the Workplace Relations Commission would be pointless considering the position of the company.

We have now written to the Workplace Relations Commission asking them to refer the issue to the Labour Court.

We will as always keep the door open for the company to return to talks as long as they are genuine and meaningful.

We will keep members updated of any further developments.

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