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Dublin Bus Clerical update

11 October 2018

We have met with the company 11/10/2018 under the auspices of the workplace relations commission (WRC) over our concerns that Dublin Bus continue to suppress clerical roles.

 It is not acceptable that the company looks to suppress clerical roles at every opportunity they get. These clerical roles are opportunities for existing staff to move roles either to gain different experience, increase skills and knowledge or indeed gain promotion.


The company maintained its position that vacancies will be filled on a temporary basis. 


We pointed out to the commission this position from the company is totally inadequate to deal with the issue. We demonstrated that in some cases some roles have been temporary filled for two years! That is really stretching the definition of temporary. We believe there is an immediate requirement to fill these vacancies on a permanent/full time basis. This would give some confidence to clerical members that they are being treated fairly and with some dignity and respect.


The WRC adjourned our hearing to allow the company to go away and consider our claim to have vacancies filled on a permanent/full time basis. We hope the company will recognise the low morale and ill feeling in the clerical grade and look to initiate a process that will fairly address our concerns on this issue. Failure to adequately deal with this issue and we will have to look at escalating the dispute.  


We will keep members updated once we hear back from the company.


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