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Department of Transport not fit for purpose under McLoughlin

12 February 2016

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes calls for Transport Secretary to be sacked after Public Accounts Committee say DoT putting future of rail industry at risk.

Following publication of the report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) into the Department for Transport handling of rail franchising, TSSA leader, Manuel Cortes, calls for Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to be sacked.

“The PAC clearly see the Department of Transport as not being fit for purpose. It doesn't get more damning than to be told by the PAC that the Department lacks a coherent strategic vision for rail and that it presents "a risk that it will make decisions now that prove costly in the future.”

"That’s a description of a totally failing department for which Patrick McLoughlin, as Secretary of State, bears full responsibility. He should do the decent thing and resign. If he won't, Cameron must sack him and also drop plans to break up and sell off Network Rail. The cat is definitely out of the bag. Not even the Tories on the PAC trust this government’s privatisation agenda."

“The PAC are saying that to serve our national interests, we need a Department for Transport which is capable of joined-up thinking when it comes to strategic planning of our rail infrastructure. They are putting an extremely strong case for public ownership of our railways.

"Sadly, the DfT is blinded by its ideological committed to breaking-up and selling our railways to private companies. The PAC is crystal clear, for the sake of Britain, our rail passengers and our long-term economic interests, the Tory fetish with rail markets madness must end."

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