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Derby site pay settlement 2011/12

17 February 2011

A two-year pay settlement has been agreed for the, A, B & C grades employed at the Derby site. The agreement comprises of:

- 1.5% increase, or a minimum of £375, for 2011 pay award, effective 1st January 2011
- 2% increase, or a minimum of £425, for 2012 pay award, effective 1st January 2012. Plus a further 1% increase if Bombardier secures the Thameslink contract.

The company gave the business case regarding the current difficult climate in terms of winning new orders. That is why the additional element of a further 1% increase will be added to the 2012 anniversary pay, if the company are successful in gaining the Thameslink contract.

I remind members and staff that it is only the TSSA union that have sole recognition rights for the A, B, & C Grades. It therefore follows that only the TSSA bargain over pay for these grades with no other Union involvement.

I would like to thank TSSA Company Council Representative Ken Cook for his work and commitment on behalf of the members during these negotiations.

Thank you to all current members for your continued support.

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