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Developments in Bus Eireann

17 December 2012

On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December the NBRU and SIPTU issued a press release to inform both the company and the public at large that both Unions would be consulting their membership within Bus Eireann in response to the letter from the company on Friday 14 December.

TSSA issued a circular on Friday 14 December to the membership stating that TSSA would not be forced into a knee-jerked reaction, and would consider the TSSA stance over the weekend after consulting senior local representatives’ also inviting feedback from the membership. The feedback thus far from the membership to the TSSA office has been overwhelming.

The reaction from ALL GRADES, to the company statement of Friday 14 December, was that of shock and fury, and to add insult, when this statement was being issued TSSA and SIPTU full time officials were attending a meeting with Bus Eireann officials and in the interim the company had issued the statement to employees and the public media.

The situation has again changed and is moving at a fast pace. At a meeting regarding the group sickness scheme this morning, it was stated quite bluntly to the CIE group that the proposed attack on the terms and conditions of Bus Eireann employees and the stated position of the CIE group to attack the welfare scheme was tantamount to declaring all out hostilities on the employees of all the workers in the various CIE group of companies.

I refer you to the a recent remark from the Transport Minister that he was in favour of PRIVATISING the national bus routes, this leaves nothing to the imagination that the Minster is hell bent on breaking up the CIE group starting with Bus Eireann.

TSSA are again in communication with all unions and will today release a press statement to the official stance of TSSA regarding this recent attack on the TSSA and other Union members. It is the view of TSSA that we should ballot our members in Bus Eireann to defend your terms and conditions.

It is outrageous that while TSSA is engaged in talks to look at ways of addressing the financial situation faced by the company that staff are told that their wages are being cut, including basic pay in some circumstances, and that other contractual conditions of employment will be attacked. It is very disappointing that Bus Eireann would cynically use the Christmas period to come out with this attack on workers terms and conditions knowing that many staff are on leave and access to the labour relations commission is restricted at this time.

TSSA is also currently in talks with other CIE companies over their financial situation and the action by Bus Eireann to impose cuts without any proper engagement or agreement will undermine those talks and possibly result in industrial disputes across the group.

Members will be kept updated on the situation, as it is indeed a situation that is in complete “flux” and changing on a day-to-day basis.

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