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Devolution: Area Council Rep's Guidance

22 August 2011

TSSA's National Committee met last week to discuss issues of national importance across Network Rail. On the subject of Devolution, it was agreed that the following points and commitments should be made at forthcoming Area Council devolution consultations.


Milton Keynes

Devolving responsibilities to the routes creates an opportunity to keep jobs out of Milton Keynes. A number of Route Managing Directors have already agreed to argue that positions previously intended for relocation to the National Centre would now be kept in the route. All Area consultations should seek similar commitments

Collective Bargaining

Network Rail have committed to maintaining all collective bargaining agreements at National Consultations. Specifically, Area Council constituencies will remain unchanged unless renegotiated at the appropriate National Council. Please urge Network Rail to reiterate this commitment at Area Consultation to avoid any confusion at Area level.

Reps Release

Following the above point, geographical boundaries of Area Councils will remain unchanged along with constituencies. Therefore, it would be useful to ensure that Area HR commit to maintaining current agreements for Reps’ release and travel expenses regardless of route boundaries to avoid release issues from line managers in future. Furthermore, requesting that HR communicate this commitment to your managers and supervisors may prove beneficial.

Templated Organisation

Following local issues in at least one devolved route involving a failed attempt to change the templated maintenance organisation, please request a commitment to maintaining the templated organisation in your area, as agreed at national consultation.

Delivery Units

Similarly, commitments should be sought at Area level to maintain current delivery units in Maintenance.

Staff Reductions/Increases

Due to potential increases in workload as a result in an increase in management staff and functions devolving to the route, Area reps can argue for increases in roles such as section planners/admin, and certainly for commitments for no further reductions in these roles.

Other Commitments

Other route specific commitments may be appropriate, such as maintaining Assessment in the Line coordinators in the Western routes.

If you have any further suggestions, please email them to in order for them to be added to this document.

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