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Devolution News

22 March 2011

The National Management Council met with Network Rail yesterday to consult on the Phase 1 Devolution proposals for Scotland and Wessex. Armed with questions and comments from last Thursday’s workplace meetings in Glasgow, Paisley and Woking, your reps came to the table to gain commitments that members would be well informed and fairly treated. This may sound easier said than done but the company agreed that a joint 1-4 reps working group will be formed to evaluate Phase 1.

Centralising and Decentralising at the Same Time:
Impossible? Not for Network Rail!

If decentralisation may keep your work within the route, we don’t want to see you displaced through the Milton Keynes reorganisation only to find that your skills will be required in the devolved route. Your reps asked Network Rail to halt all reorganisations that relate to the National Centre until the review of Phase 1 has taken place. Instead, some reorganisations will be put on hold until the review because they are too complicated, such as Asset Management -Buildings and Civils. Other consultations will go ahead at Area Council level including those in support functions. This means that Area Reps may have an opportunity to reduce the number of people moving to Milton Keynes one reorganisation at a time. They can’t do this alone. We need your help if we are to build the arguments to keep jobs in the route. If you think your team may be affected by a reorganisation and don’t know who the Area Council Rep is for your function, call our members’ helpdesk to get in touch with your representatives as soon as you can.

Next Steps:

National Joining Week – It may be stating the obvious to say that we are only as influential as we are strong and we’re only as strong as our members. With National Joining Week around the corner, please make use of the resources available on the NJW section of our website and explain the importance of joining your union to colleagues:

1-4 Area consultation – Management reps will be invited to consult over the detailed proposals of Phase 1 of Devolution soon. If you believe you will be affected, speak to your local or area rep, or call the helpdesk for details

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