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Devolution: NR Values our Reps!

1 August 2016

Further details are emerging of the proposed timescales and staff impacts for the Devolution of Route Services.

   Devolution: NR Values our Reps!

We expect to start consultation on the national principles of processes governing staff transfers in mid-August. Consultation on proposed changes for specific departments is expected to start in September. For background see

How can you influence change positively?

It is crucial that all affected teams have Representatives to participate in consultation, ensuring that staff have a collective say before change proposals are implemented.

Becoming a Rep is NOT career limiting!

Some Network Rail staff are concerned that they may face discrimination for getting involved in our union. Being blocked from promotion or any adverse impact on people due to union activity or membership will not be tolerated!

Your HR Director provided personal written assurances about your right to represent members and support for those with concerns or issues:

“People should come forward and get more involved in their union

Our people have the right to be union reps and we support them, including having time-off for union duties. If anyone has any concerns or issues about our support for their union duties, they can come to me personally"

Ian Iceton, HR Director


You’ll get expert training & support.


Members willing to stand as Reps are invited to a one-day course to build an understanding of the Devolution change process and help develop skills and knowledge required for the role. Network Rail will provide paid time off to attend.

Book online for our bespoke training!

One day courses will run in London on Tuesday 16 August and Manchester on Thursday 18 August.

· For more information:

· To register to attend:

Download a nomination form!

· Bands 1-4:

· Bands 5-8:

Being a Rep adds value to the consultation process, staff who know what happens on the ground can help shape our plans for a better organisation”

Ian Iceton


Don’t miss out!

If you have colleagues who aren’t in a union yet, make sure they join before the consultation begins. Members who join once they have a problem do not have the same rights to representation.

Join online:

Get involved!

· Share TSSA newsletters by email and on office noticeboards

· Talk about the reorganisation. Colleagues may be feeling stressed or worried about the impact of change, make sure you don’t suffer in silence

· Do what you can to make sure there’s a Rep in your team. Nominate a colleague or volunteer yourself and ask members to nominate you to represent them

Contact TSSA Helpdesk for more information

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