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Devolution Phase 2 Round 2 Bands 1-4 National Consultation

15 September 2011

TSSA management representatives met with Network Rail on 7 September to attend National Consultation concerning the Devolution of the remaining routes planned for 14 November.

 The meeting followed a similar pattern to those that have previously taken place, with a range of commitments sought by your reps and broadly agreed by the company.

National consultation meetings have largely focussed on the introduction of posts and raising opportunities to gain assurances around collective bargaining structures (for details, see area reps’ guidance here: However, reps’ concerns broadly relate not to the creation of devolved structures but to the challenges our members will face once the devolved routes are operational.

Post Implementation Review Update

The on-going post implementation review (PIR) process provides an opportunity for TSSA members to escalate concerns, questions and comments through the reps’ structures. During consultation, the company shared their findings from the “Phase 1” (Scotland and Wessex) PIR process. Our biggest task will be in taking full advantage of the opportunity to engage in regular consultation with our members through workplace meetings. Network Rail have agreed that our reps will have access to all members in the devolved routes to monitor the progress of devolution in real terms to ensure that the new route based organisations do not veer off course.

Your Union Needs You!

Once the consultations have concluded for the devolution of all remaining routes, we will be calling our area representatives together to plan build our strategy for engaging members through workplace and branch meetings. This will provide an opportunity for our members to have the loudest voice in ensuring that the devolution process gives us opportunities to build our strength in the workplace. Please remind any colleagues who are not yet members that joining TSSA is the best way to have a say in the development of devolution.

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