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Devolution: Your Union Needs You!

13 July 2016

Network Rail staff are preparing for their fourth major shakeup in as many years, with timescales and details to be published imminently.

   Devolution of Services Newsletter

Changes to be announced

We anticipate that national principles discussions will be held in July, followed by a programme of consultation meetings for affected teams before changes are implemented. Change, uncertainty and insecurity can be distressing for members. We are asking for your help to be a positive influence on the change process.

A Union Representative in every team!

Network Rail will consult our union before any changes are implemented. So that staff who may be affected have a say, our members must work together to ensure that every affected team has at least one elected Representative who will take the collective views of affected staff, represent these to the change team and keep members informed as the process of change develops.

Who do you trust?

To ensure that questions, concerns and ideas are raised, our members need your help to nominate trusted colleagues to join our team of Reps in the change process. Print a Local Rep nomination form (link opposite) and add your signature to nominate a colleague. Once nominated, they will be supported by experienced Representatives and full time staff.

Reps elected before the change process happens are invited to attend a one-day taster course to help develop skills and knowledge and understanding required for the role. Network Rail will provide paid time off to attend.


We’ll soon be holding staff meetings to allow members to ask questions and discuss their views with union Reps and staff. Look out for details.

Download a nomination form:

Management grades:

Bands 5-8 and equivalent:

Protecting job security

The company have a legal duty to consult to mitigate the impact of any potential redundancies. Where change proposals place members at Risk of redundancy, Reps can suggest counter proposals to reduce this risk, or work to ensure that processes are fair and objective. All Bands 5-8 and equivalent have a no compulsory redundancies agreement for the rest of the year, negotiated as part of the last pay deal. All staff have the right to appeal if they feel they are treated unfairly at any stage. TSSA members are entitled to individual representation in this process, as well as collective representation during consultation.

Don’t miss out!

If you have colleagues who aren’t in a union yet, make sure they join before the consultation begins. Members who join once they have a problem do not have the same rights to representation.

Join online:

Lend a hand!

We need your help to keep your colleagues informed and involved. Please

  • Share TSSA newsletters
  • Talk about the reorganisation. Colleagues may be feeling stressed or worried about the impact of change, make sure they don’t suffer in silence!
  • Do what you can to make sure there’s a Rep in your team. Nominate a colleague or even volunteer yourself


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