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Direct Rail Services Pay Update 2018

13 July 2018

Pay negotiations with DRS were adjourned on Tuesday 10 July when TSSA reps asked management to request permission from their board to make a more realistic offer to members.

At the meeting in Preston, DRS admitted that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority no longer imposed pay restraints on the company and any limitations were put in place by their own board; this fact has been borne out by the substantial offer recently made to drivers which was considerably above current RPI figures.

DRS are insistent that they want to negotiate a three-year pay-deal, however their most recent offer of 2.5/2.0/1.8% over that period comes nowhere near meeting the aspirations of your representatives

Competency Pay System

Management also wish to put in place an additional competency-based pay system via which employees can increase their earnings by acquiring new skills and would mitigate the low pay offer. TSSA is happy to talk about any mechanism which would benefit its members but is not prepared to do this at the expense of a cost of living pay increase; additionally, representatives have told management that any multi-year deal would have to be ‘front-loaded’ i.e. the first year would need to be substantially above inflation to protect against later years falling behind the cost of living.

Pay talks will continue on Wednesday 15 August.


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