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Disability Working Group AGM and Disability History Month Event

8 January 2015

29 November 2014 at Virgin training Centre Crewe.

The day started off in a very positive way with the disability working group AGM .It was well attended and everybody took an active part. It was nice to see some new members. Itwas also nice to see new officers take up positions and The DWG going forward in a positive and constructive way. The meeting was chaired by TSSA President Mick Carney who is also the chair of the disability working group and he was re-elected unopposed
The card from Macmillan Cancer Care thanking the DWG for the donation from the September Event was passed noted.

The AGM was followed by an event to celebrate the Disability History Month. This year disability history month was linked to the First World War because if we don't know what our history is how are we going to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again and indeed looking at how far we've come much as it is quite a long way it is very obvious to see that we are now actually going backwards yet again.

This became even more obvious by the presentation that was given by Adele Potten-Price when she reflected on how  disabled veterans were treated when they returned from war and in fact how we are treating our disabled soldiers  that are now returning from war .We really do have to take a much closer look at our actions and in many ways if we look around Europe we can learn  many lessons and this was very obvious in the presentation that was given.

Disability History Month runs from 22nd  November until 22nd  December each and every year and the International Day of disabled person is on December 3rd .These are dates that we should all be aware of and  should go into our calendars.

The event was a success and enjoyed by all please try and join us next year.

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