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London Underground Stations dispute: talks continue, TSSA will not be striking next week…

7 October 2014

Following last week’s update on the current negotiations, yesterday we held our meeting with all Station Reps. Thanks to members who took the time to feed in their views to the reps ahead of the meeting.


The decision of the meeting was to return to the negotiating table where progress is being made, clearly outlining the areas of concern our members want addressing. Whilst the company wrote to us with further concessions, they did indicate that this was if we allowed discussions to move forward on implementation. Our reps meeting made it clear that we want our outstanding issues addressed before we will allow the company to move into talks around implementation, so in short WE will decide when this happens and not the management!

A Reminder from the last circular on what we have won….

· Salary guarantee for all staff underpinned by maximum of 30 minutes movement

· Supervisors in place across all stations and not mobile

· Job cuts will be less than 953

· DSMs will be mapped into CSM1 roles

· SS1s will be mapped into CSM1 roles

· SS2s will be mapped into CSM2 roles

· SS3s/SSMFs will be mapped into CSS1 roles

· SAMFs/SCRAs will be mapped into CSS roles

· CSAs will be mapped into CSA1 roles

And what we still have to win (headlines)….

· Still no movement on shutting every ticket office

· Changes to CSAs’ job descriptions as the company want to increase their responsibilities, with no increase in pay i.e. dealing with ticket machines and banking

· SCRAs and SAMFs mapping into CSS2 roles with responsibility for running stations and all that entails for no additional money

· Further movement and guarantees on maximum 30 minute movement underpinning salary guarantee

· CSM grades remaining in the Stations framework with current proposals meaning they will move into the MATS council

· Implications of night tube

· Get the number of job cuts significantly down from the current proposal

Sister Union (RMT) now served notice for strike action next week

Following yesterday’s meeting of the reps we heard late into the evening that the RMT will be serving notice on LU management today for a 48 hour strike next week to coincide with the public sector strikes of other unions.

I can honestly say whilst our outstanding issues are on the same page, our tactics on winning further concessions are sadly not.

The company have made it clear the recent concessions offered around salary guarantee’s (underpinned by 30 minute movement), CSM grades remaining in the Stations Functional council, and commitments on job cuts been less than 900, will be in jeopardy if further industrial action is called. Whilst we understand this is a threat from the company, you can be assured TSSA will remain at the negotiating table and ensure these concessions are not removed, and our outstanding issues are addressed.

I am also at a loss to understand how a sister union is taking industrial action having not sat round the table with management for 2 months, and only returned to the table in late September! I can assure members that TSSA remained at the table and ensured the current improvements were achieved, by remaining firmly in talks while we are making progress. This will continue on behalf of our members and we will keep you updated on further developments…..

Finally we are aware a number of Station staff are still not in a union and whilst membership forms can be obtained from your reps, or our office, it has also never been easier to join online by following the link

Please do all you can to approach non members and encourage them to join.

United we bargain, divided we beg!

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