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Dithering Tories stall fairer, smarter rail service

2 November 2015

The Department for Transport admits its 2012 pledge to introduce smart-ticketing and flexible fares to meet the needs of part-time workers by the end of 2015 will not now be met.

Ministers have since indicated that more flexible season tickets will now need to wait until after the rollout of smart ticketing, potentially not until after 2017.

Responding to the report, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said, "This government puts great store on a flexible 24/7 workforce but as ever fails to put its money were its mouth is and invest in the public-infrastructure to transform Britain into a 21st century modern economy.

"The Tory dithering with public transport is beginning to look like lack of care for the increasing numbers of part-time workers in the UK, many on zero-hour contracts, as well as four million working flexibly at the office or at home.

"We are seeing the same sort of stalling tactics being used by Boris Johnson's Transport for London to delay the start of the night tube service.

"Rail passengers, rail staff and rail unions are all in favour of fairer, smarter rails services.

"But the Tories just don't seem smart enough to embrace progress." 

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