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Double-whammy price rise for rail passengers

7 January 2013

Greedy rail firms were accused of ripping off passengers today after hiking car parking charges by up to 15% plus on top of fare rises averaging 4.2%.

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said passengers were being treated as "cash cows" by the train operators who were determined to maximise profits on top of last week's latest inflation plus annual fare rise.

Car parking charges have jumped an average 18% at all London Underground car parks and by an average 8% at car parks on the Chiltern London to Birmingham route.

"These firms are squeezing passengers until the pips squeak," said the union general secretary.

"While fares are contolled by Ministers, there is a free for all on car parking charges, rail firms simply charge what they think they can get away with.

"It is a scandal that they are increasing these charges by as much to five times the rate of inflation. This is daylight robbery at a time of falling living standards."

The union has called for car parking charges to be regulated in line with fares as part of the rail ticket price review now being conducted by Ministers.

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