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Driver Competence Managers Collective Grievance

16 March 2011

TSSA's Management Divisional Council have secured success for the Driver Competence Managers. Based on direct feedback from these Managers we lodged a collective grievance with the Company, which was heard on 10 February 2011.


Rod Lethbridge (Management Divisional Councillor) and myself outlined the substance of the grievance that over time the salary differential between the role of a Leading Driver and a Driver Competence Manager has been eroded.

The Company’s offer was in the first instance to restore a minimum salary differential of £1,000 by increasing the minimum salary of a Driver Competence Manager to £48,495. The company has confirmed that the £1,000 differential will be maintained going forward and will be pensionable for all service.

This outcome was communicated to the members concerned whose overwhelming response was positive in nature therefore we accepted the Company’s proposal on 23 February 2011. For those Driver Competence Managers who had a lower differential, the pay arrears (backdated to 1 January 2011) will be issued in the payroll period ending 26 March 2011. The Company has confirmed that the new salaries were implemented from week commencing 28 February 2011.

Next steps

In addition to the salary differential we also raised related issues of varying Terms and Conditions between these roles and the lack of a clearly defined career structure. The Company has confirmed that they would not be prepared to discuss these issues unless we agree to remove the current group of Driver Competence Managers and assign them to a distinct grade separate from the rest of the Management group. We would be very grateful if you please indicate if this is a measure that you would be in support of. We would insist of course that TSSA retain full Collective Bargaining Rights as currently.

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