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Driverless freight

7 March 2016

TSSA Leader, Manuel Cortes responds to reports that convoys of driverless freight wagons are to be piloted on Britain's motorways

"The public will be asking have Britain's transport bosses lost all leave of their senses - and they'll be right. There is already too much freight on Britain's roads and we don't need more. Certainly not in driverless convoys. All it takes is a computer malfunction and a major accident will be on our hands. We already have means to large amounts of freight up and down the country without drivers - it's called a freight train! It requires just one driver to pull several carriages. 
"The average freight train pulls 71 containers. Put freight back on rail where it best belongs and you'll kill the the clog on motorways and the terrifying prospect of convoys of driverless freight wagons on UK roads."

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