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DRS Pay Ballot Result

20 November 2018

Recently TSSA asked you to vote on the pay offer from DRS; the ballot closed at 12 noon on Friday 16 November and the result was that the pay offer was REJECTED.

Overwhelming Rejection

Elsewhere, TSSA members in DB Cargo fight for a better pay increase but it seems that DB is not the only company intent on making its non-driving staff poorer.

DRS offered a 2-year deal:

· 2018: 2.5% which is well below RPI inflation at 3.4% in April, and 3.6% in February which is the usual benchmark month.

· 2019: 2%, which will almost certainly not match inflation in any month next year.

This compares with an inflation-proofed 3-year deal agreed by DRS for drivers that will see their salaries increase by nearly 15%!!!

Not surprisingly, just 8 TSSA members thought this offer was acceptable!

It was overwhelmingly rejected by members that do not want to see the buying power of their salaries reduce year on year. They clearly want to be valued as much as the drivers.

This is not only a rejection of the DRS pay offer and its adherence to the CPIH index, but also of the company’s desire to extend this de facto pay cut throughout next year.

It is also a dismissal of DRS’s insistence that the pay award should be dependent on an agreement to engage with discussions about a competency-based pay progression system. TSSA has always maintained that it is happy to enter talks about such a system, which may benefit its members, but not as a condition of the pay deal.

TSSA representatives are currently formulating a strategy to take this matter forward with management and will be contacting you in the near future.


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