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Dublin Bus Workers Strike

23 September 2016

Commenting on the start of today's third consecutive two day Dublin Bus strike, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"The Dublin Bus workers are effectively locked out again today by Company management - made intransigent by a government who do not want public workers to reverse a near decade of austerity pay measures.

"It's been 8 years since bus workers had a pay rise. It no longer makes economic sense for Dublin Bus Company not to pay them a fair deal. The Company itself says each strike day loses them €600,000. Tomorrow the strike enters it's sixth day, so will have cost €3.6m. That's more than the total pay deal bus workers were seeking so a deal made sooner rather than later makes total sense.

"The strike is solid again today with workers on picket lines across Dublin. I pay tribute to all the striking bus workers who are showing great resilience in face of miser bosses and ministers who are still refusing to meet with us.

"We thank our passengers for the great support and patience they are showing us and hope for their sakes as well as pay justice for the bus workers the Taoiseach and his Transport Minister, Shane Ross stop the stand-off and give the company the go-ahead to settle bus workers claim this week."

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