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Dublin Bus Labour Court Pay Talks

1 July 2016

TSSA along with other trade unions appeared before the Labour Court 30/06/2016 on the issue of Pay.

We presented to the court our view that the 6% owed from the Towards 2016 agreement be paid along with a general pay increase. This will provide for a positive industrial relations environment for the TSSA to engage constructively with Dublin Bus on productivity issues.

We believe that any general pay increase needs to be done fairly and equitably, there should be no differential pay awards according to grade/salary. Any pay award needs to be reflective of the standards set by the Luas agreement. Also we reiterated that it is crucial that any pay awards are pensionable.

We believe that as other workers in the wider economy are receiving pay rises that our members in Dublin Bus in the interest of fairness and equity should also be afforded the same. It is our belief that the financial situation of the company has sufficiently improved that they are in a position to offer a pay rise.

The court has adjourned until next Thursday 7th July to allow for more information to be provided around staff numbers, salary scales and other financial information.

A fundamental issue for TSSA is the proposal by Dublin Bus to introduce differential pay award that would see staff earning up to €50k receive an increase of 2%, staff earning between €50k-€100k 1.75% and those on over 100K 1.5%. Differential pay will target the clerical, supervisory and executive grades disproportionately to the other grades. We believe this goes against any principles of pay equity and will only create more problems for the future as different pay scales eventually catch up. It also fails to recognise that the clerical, supervisory and executive grades have less scope to improve pay through productivity so are being doubly disadvantaged by this proposal.

At our meeting on the 7th July with the labour court we will continue to express our position that a general pay rise should be just that, one that applies equally to all grades.

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