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Dublin Bus Meeting LRC

14 November 2012

As you may be aware all the Trade Unions were in the Labour Relations Commission yesterday to discuss the items in the Cost Reduction Plan that were common to more than 1 group. These discussions were only preliminary talks to see if any progress could be made. There are further talks to take place in the near future.

The items covered were:
1. Rest days and Overtime Payments
2. Public Holiday Payments
3. Income Continuance Scheme
4. Incentive Schemes payments.
5. Self Certified Illness
6. Pates of Pay-New Entrants
7. Part Time Staff
8. Revenue Protection
9. Rule 29B-Pensions.
10. Pay Pause
It was decided that the following items would be discussed with Dublin Bus Management and referred to the LRC if no progress could be made:
1. Income Continuance Plan
2. Rates of Pay – New Entrants
3. Part Time Staff
4. Revenue Protection
The following items were relevant to the Clerical Grades:
1. Rest days and Overtime Payments ?All Unions stated they were not prepared to accept any reduction in current rates.
2. Public Holiday Pay ?All unions stated they were not prepared to accept any change to current rates
3. Self Certified Illness ?All unions were prepared to explore this area with suggestions that it may be acceptable to reduce from 7 days to 4 days in 12 months as this would bring Dublin Bus in line with Iarnrod Eireann and Bus Eireann.
4. Rule 29B –Pensions ?Unions want to park this item for the time being as we believe this is a Group issue-not a Dublin Bus issue.
5. Pay Pause
6. The Company could give no figures of savings for this item as they said no budget had been allocated to this and in the current climate no payment can be made. However the Mediator of the Court indicated to the Unions that if agreement can be reached for a pay pause until the end of 2014, it would be viewed by Dublin Bus Management ‘as a very positive move’.
Items on the Cost reduction Plan for your Grades that have not been covered in this memo are for discussion with Management at a later stage.
This is an up-to-date record of what has taken place with no agreements having been reached at this time and further talks scheduled to take place next Monday 19th Nov. in the Labour Relations Court.


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