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Dublin Bus Strike Day 2

9 September 2016

Responding to news that the Dublin Bus strike was discussed by the Irish Cabinet, TSSA General Secretary said:

 "The bus strike is solid and if it's not settled fairly in the next few days, it'll be on the Cabinet agenda again next week. The government need to get a grip.

"Dublin's bus workers are an essential part of Ireland's economy. They transport 400,000 passengers daily getting people to and from work and to spend in the shops and restaurants.

"The city can't function without them as the strike yesterday and today shows. But they haven't had a pay rise in eight years. They're struggling to make ends meet and are being forced out on strike for wage justice.

"If the government can pull its finger out for Apple, it can do the same for bus workers. Let's see what the upshot of those reported cabinet talks are. So far no one has been in touch with us, but we on the bus workers unions side remain ready to negotiate for a fair deal for bus workers."


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