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Dublin Bus Strike Solid - Transport Minister Missing in Action

15 September 2016

The strike at Dublin Bus Company is solid again this morning with TSSA members join co-workers on picket lines in O'Connell Street for the first day of this week's two day strike action.

 "Bus workers have not had a pay rise for eight years and are showing remarkable solidarity and determination to fight on to get a fair day's pay in the face of government intransigence," said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes.

"We thank all our passengers for their solidarity and understanding. They are are hugely inconvenienced by the strike but are behind the unions cause for wage justice for public workers. Most of them are sick to the back teeth of the government-imposed austerity measures too.

"But Transport Minister Shane Ross seems to have gone missing in action. He's not responded to a single request from unions to meet him to settle this dispute. So we're no longer interested in speaking to him.

"We're now calling on Enda Kelly to personally show what he's made of. How long does he want to preside over a Ministry of Misers who'd rather our fair city grind to a halt again tomorrow and again next week than speak to bus workers?

"Dublin Bus Company are losing 600,000 euros a day, the economy is losing far more, passengers can't get to work, the Airline service isn't working, tourists can't get a sightseeing tour and all because the government won't pay fair.

" This is no way to run a bath let alone a country. You have to negotiate in the end. So let's get the Taoiseach to the table and start talking."


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