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Dublin Bus Strike Suspended

27 September 2016

Responding to news that the Ireland's Workplace Relations Committee have told Dublin Bus Company to come up with a new pay deal for the company's bus workers, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

 "Finally government and management have decided to negotiate with us. As an act of good faith, unions have agreed to suspend strike action and the march on the Dáil, whilst talks get underway and we consider the new proposals that are put to us.

"However, our bus workers have not had a pay deal for eight years. They went out of strike in the first place because they can no longer afford to go without a pay rise and they are in no mood to be toyed with.

"So they now need to see some good faith and respect shown back to them. Strike action is still scheduled to begin again on Saturday, meaning there will be no buses in Dublin from 9pm this Friday night, and it will go ahead, as will the other 12 days of scheduled strike days in October, unless our members are finally rewarded with a fair days' pay for a fair days work.

"I congratulate our members who have shown courage and determination in the face of government and management intransigence. But their cause is just and the solidarity shown by fellow trade unionists and our passengers has boosted their morale.

"Let's hope management now bring a real deal to the table to bring this dispute to a speedy and happy conclusion."

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